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From the Russian fansite, here's some new screenshots from the new GI. (Nothing new, we've all seen this place quite a bit) (Yes the url says "companion", that doesn't mean this is a companion character. Could be a member of the new "warrior" based guild) (Yay for more generic dragon fights! Wooo...) (drauger are looking good, or should I say bad?) (Probably my favorite screen so far out of any released, looks really good) (Again, don't make any assumptions off the url. I'd wait for more info before you go yelling "OMG DRAGON ARMORZ!!111!) (Another nice shot)


That's it as far as I am aware (I think there might be a few from the PS mag, so if you happen to know where those are and you're sure Beth wouldn't be pissy about you spreading them around, go ahead and post em). Feel free to bash the graphics or complain about no multiplayer :D


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You really know how to make the wait easier, Tal, thank you soo much!

I can't believe how much better the characters and npc's look this time, it's almost feels weird.

And, the picture you described as your favorite is simply amazing, I feel it really catches the "feel" of Skyrim.

i'm not too terribly impressed, certainly not after all we've seen at E3 and other venues.


the companion photo is easily the worst out of the group. the hand is clipping heavily into the weapon, the textures are muddy and flat, the face looks supper-imposed onto the body, and it's a bit too bright, but i won't take points off for that since i'll probably play the game brighter.


i really like the axe the drauger is holding, and that's just a standard axe probably. i hope they fix the grab and move, cause i'm gonna be showing off every weapon i pick up in my house and i don't want to spend real time hours trying to set a single axe, hammer, or sword on a shelf and knock it off with my invisible girth.


the trees in the the camp are nice, but the camp could be better, looks just like oblivion camps. i'm intrigued by the mountain, i'm wondering how i'm gonna climb it.


i like the dragon armor, but i hope the male version looks better, i'm not too big on collars and whatnot. and i really like the huge red moon in the background, awesome.


really love the last picture, my favorite of the group. i feel like i'm gonna standing around alot, just looking at the mountains and whatnot. wonder if i'm gonna be able to take screenshots on my ps3 copy.

Great find Taldarin. My windows 7 background theme now has some new additions. Thanks.

Also, that does kind of look like dragon armor though! Woot!