New scoring system?


Go to the third picture where it shows the screen of Bigwizzie.  Shows his spm is 643.  Either there good or its a new scoring system.


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ya I think it is a new scoring system..well I wouldnt say system.  I think you get more points for stuff.  I was defibbing people and got 100 points for it.  You get points for teammates spawning on you now too.  

Isn't it also 100 for a kill, sounds like things have been doubled from BC2. Plus there are more ways of earning points.

You get points for disabling vehicles as well as a lot of other new stuff. Getting points is easier than in BC2.

Yeah i saw a bit of Alpha footage and it def looked like 100 pts for a kill,I bet you wont rank up any quicker though.

Thats good then, I hope we don't rank up quicker. At first aI thought BC2 took ages to rank but once you get used to the game your SPM increases by a huge amount, I'm sure the same will be for BF3 unless you already know how to get high scores from BC2.