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If you check my sig you will see what Ill be buying in NOV and what I wont be(I will probably buy it though just to RAGE) But my question is what other RPG to buy until then? I have both FO3 and FNV and have not completed either, but I am so fascinated by RPGs at the moment that I want to start on another one when I get my new 360 on Tuesday. A friend of mine told me Fable 3 was too kiddish. Is this an accurate statement? That same friend also liked ME 1 and 2 but did criticize the amount of things to do compared to Fallout while praising its dialouge. Ive toyed with the idea of maybe Borderlands or the last Oblivion, to get a taste of it before Skyrim hits. Borderlands sounds like hella fun but I am afraid I wont be able to find peeps to play online with who want to start with a brand new player. Any suggestions, ideas, PMs and comments are welcome


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Mass Effect 1 & 2, Oblivion GOTY, Dragon Age: Origins & 2.  You're set

I strongly recommend getting Borderlands, it's a very fun co'op-game and I don't think it will be that difficult to find people to play with.

Fable 3? It's fun for a while, with its good graphics, cheesy dialogue, enjoyable characters and missions, but it will get boring fast! It's also impossible to die (almost), way too easy.

Have you ever considered Dragon Age? The first one in particular with all its dlc is a blast and will give you many hours of gameplay. I'd look into that one if I were you, and perhaps Mass Effect 1-2?  

ME 1&2, DA 1&2 and FO3 all good RPGs

borderlands , two worlds 2 , acradia gothic 4 , divinty dragon saga 2 , mass effect 1+2 , fall out new vegas , dragon age 1+2

if you're waiting for skyrim then i'd deffo recommend oblivion. it just seems wrong to want skyrim without playing oblivion first. lol. get it today and you might even finish it before skyrim hits the shops.

I was massively disappointed with DA2.  The game was rushed and as such, little or no thought went into the combat side of things and as such, you spend the majority of your time mashing the 'A' button.  Enemies spawn from mid air and simply come in waves.  Every cave has the same interior, so you know where every enemy spawn point is after the 3rd or so cave.  The same holds true with warehouses and sewers, they're just simply recycled.  That said, i think the game is better than DA:O in some areas, but not enough to save the game in general.


As other have stated, Fable 3 is poor as it offers no challenge, no challenge whatsoever.  If you had to opt for a Fable game, then go with Fable 2.  Whilst it's basically the same stuff, it has a better story and is actually quite an interesting one at that.


Can't really go wrong with the ME series, but be warned some people tend to bin ME1 after an hour or so as it's a slow starter.  I didn't mind it at all though, because i like story driven games.  If i had wanted a gun-ho experience I'd have bought GoW or CoD.  It doesn't attempt to be something it is not.  Bethesda RPG's tend to be every bit as good as their BioWare counterparts.

While Oblivion is OK I guess (not nearly as good as Morrowind), it's a shame to me that RPG's these days are turning more into sandbox games rather than real RPG's like we have seen from the NES days all the way to the PS2 days.

I recently picked up Alpha Protocol. It is good.

You may probably have the chance to grab a cheap copy of the game by now.

I'd try and get Tales of Vesperia.

It's a JRPG.  Colourful and light-hearted.  Not as gritty as Fallout,  It's really fun and plenty to discover though.  (no guns.)

What is a JRPG, I've always wondered.  Your number one priority should be to play Oblivion because SkyRim is somewhat of a spiritual successor to it. Other than that I would definitely try: Borderlands, Mass effect 1+2,   and I've heard good things about Dragon Age 1+2(I want to play).


This is about Fable: If you want to play a good Fable go for Fable: The Lost Chapters. It's an original Xbox game but it is a really fun game.

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