New Reckoning Trailer.

Here it is: Looks very good.


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I'm looking forward to it. Will keep me busy till Gears and Infinity come out.

I am looking forward to the new weapons and characters for the co-op mode. One of them looks almost identical to EDI!!  I already have all the current characters so it will be nice looking in the packs for new characters.  I also like the look of that new crossbow power. They didnt say anything about new maps yet for the co-op so maybe they are just going to add "hazards" to some of the other maps?  

[quote user="Flickamatuta"]

Here it is: Looks very good.


Thanks for the video, the Multiplayer could use a bit of a jolt and this looks to be just the tonic, still more excited about next week's release but this will help pass the time nicely...:-)

Your welcome.

The TwitchTV footage with the developers playing is also linked with your trailer link, and for those wanting a good read on just how large the new Geth character is, there's some footage towards the end while they're showcasing the Krogan Warlord and you see the Geth Juggernaut side by side with a Volus which is pretty funny...:-)

Oh cool. I never noticed that. Thank you. The Volus is amazing. :-)

Good thing I've saved up some credits... going to go on a spending spree on Reserves packs and unlock the new characters first ^^

I have over a million credits saved up again. I already have all the other characters so I am sure I will be able to unlock a few of these new characters tonight for sure.  They havent said anything about new maps so I am sure they will just add some hazards to a couple of the other maps. Maybe Jade and Goddess will get hazards.