New Rainbow Six Game Revealed

About time Ubi.

Cannot wait, hope it's at E3!



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Agreed. I will buy it for Terrorist Hunt alone.

I just want Far Cry 3 here.

Yeah Baby! I've been wanting this forever man.

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I would honestly be shocked if that rumor is true.

I don't see Ubisoft revealing a new Rainbow Six till Ghost Recon Future Soldier is either out of the door or really damn close to being done.

This may be true but I cant see them officially announcing this when they need to be cranking the hype up for Ghost Recon

Yay. Also, I'm interested in what they'll be bringing back from the older Rainbows. Please, ditch health regen. I want to see the classic RS3 health bars again. Taking away health regen just adds that extra layer of intensity and difficulty to the game.

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Agreed. I will buy it for Terrorist Hunt alone.


double agreed!

Still not bringing back planning stages.

UbiSoft has dropped the ball on Rainbow Six.

it's now just a subpar shooter.

this news made my day. Good find Basic!