New Question about the Veteran Gear Achievement

So, I'm wondering if I can still get the golden skins unlocked even if I don't get the VG achievement until a couple months down the road.  When the game scans my achievements, will it see that I don't have the achievement and then never scan again or what?  Truth be told, right now I'm not even close and I don't get to play all that often so it will take a while.


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Gears of War 3 will scan your achievements once a day.  Say you get the Veteran Gear achievement on October 20th.  You will get your golden guns on October 21st.  There is no deadline.

Epic scans for achievements once a day, so you'll be ok getting the achievement later.

Edit: what the guy above me said

Is there going to be more golden skins I am not awear of because there is an advertisment on the dashboard saying if you play on any day between 21st-26th you will get golden skins for your guns

You get the Golden Hammerburst and Lancer if you play the first week of the game's release.

Why doesn't epic just give everyone the golden skins? Everyone will eventually get it with all the opportunities!