New Pro Clubs Glitch!

Right first of all me and a few mates joined a game on Pro Clubs and we played a team who had a player with a rating of 136! He was 6ft 7 but had the pace of a 5ft5. Every game we joined since have had a player with this glitch. Any one else having this issue, its silly becuase these players are ruining our pro club games! Any responces would be welcome.


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i have seen it alot recently, not much you can do really to be honnest :/

Its a computer file uploaded onto a memory stick! I found out after digging up on the internet. Thing is it just ruins the game i have worked hard to get my pro good and these guys cheat to get a 13ft 200 odd rating. ANNOYING!

Can someone tell me how to PM a member of the XBLPET, so I can find out if it's worth reporting these idiots, and if so, the best option to choose?

If FIFA 12 is like this from the start, it'll be totally pointless playing Pro Clubs.

No point complaining to MS, they usually have to witness exploits to action them and this one doesn't even bother EA Sports.

Fifa will be forever glitched and full of cheating thanks to laziness on EA's part.

Why have a report player function if MS do nothing about it?.. We have reported 100's of cheaters on Fifa 11 and I doubt any of them have been banned.. Its a joke.. Some people have a way of disguising it too, so they look like a normal player, but in game they are 6.5ft and run faster than Aaron Lennon.. E.A have become a money grabbing joke, and the only way to sort them out is for M.S and P.S to do something, which they wont because it's money first, money second and customers third