new popular emblems all over the place question..

I've seen a ton of these asian type fans (or seashell might be a better description) created emblems that are all different colors and kind of fade out. Every lobby it seems there is at least 1 of them, did someone figure out something on the creator and it went viral or what? Its better then dongs all over the place, now i'm just curious about these new styles.




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I've also seen a lot of these.

I just never bothered to question it.

Though they seem to have a gradient which makes me suspect some kind of glitching.

Well, from what ive figured, it is some kind of glitch in the emblem creator.  It involves the hand symbol, called "Reach"

Someone told me that you put the hand itself out of the frame of your emblem, and depending on the position, creates that gradient effect.

All you have to do is Youtube it...  I wouldn't create one though, as EVERYONE seems to have it.

It's called "Fan Emblem" or something. Just search it, you'll find it.

It uses the "Ninja" layer. The corner of the eye has the fade to it. Obviously, the layer is zoom way in.

Yeah it is just part of the ninja picture. Zoom all the way in and the color is a little faded. That is where the fade comes from.

i dont want a emblem everyone has

[quote user="RT NEWYORK"]

i dont want a emblem everyone has


But all the 1337 kids are doing it!

ah ok, yea i didnt want one or anything, i was just curious as to why it became so popular all of a sudden.  mine is a fancied up       1*       anyone know what that means? :)

thx for the info


Yeah, every once in awhile a certain type of emblem will just "take off". People see other players with it and think it's cool/different so they have to have it. At Activision's CoD Elite event, a few of us made Elite emblems. A week or so later, I started noticing them show up a bit more. Never took off like the fan did.

The Deadmau5 emblems were really common for a while. I have seen a few of the gradient fans as well but I'm happy with my attempt at the Rammstein logo. It's unique to me because I've never seen another before.