New player Question about laps to ride.

Can i, somehow, choose the amounth of laps i want to race in Career mode, or in free race?


Sometimes i only have to race 2 laps, and i find that a littlebit to less. i want to race complete races that can take up to 30 min, including needed pitstops..

Is this possible somehow?


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But in F1 you only drive F1 cars. At least you can drive all kinds of cars in Forza. Both games are good. Depends of your taste. I suggest you join a team Dusty. Then you can set up endurance races with them online.

F1 2012 i mean..

Thats a pitty.. but ill just deal with it since i totally love the game.

And for the true race realism ill wait for F1 2011 then :D

Thx for the info.. and for having me.. lol

you wont ever need to pitstop sadly as no races last more than 9 laps in career.

If you host a game online or do a freerace you can change how many laps etc but not in career mode.

and welcome to Forza