New player looking for deck advice

Hey there!

I started playing Magic 2013 recently, and I was wondering how much you folks edit your decks. I've been trying not to let my deck size get out of hand, so that the cards I want are easier to draw. Do you guys usually keep all your cards in as they're unlocked, or do you strip things right down and only keep the cards you really want?

My favourite decks to use so far are Goblin Gangland and Exalted Darkness.


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Try to stay as close to 60 as possible.  Always better.

In 1v1 usually as close to 60 as possible. 2v2 I usually prefer to run with at least 75 b/c the chances of going up against a mill deck are a lot higher and you may need the cards.

I will back DCWhite7 up on the advice for 2v2 because I like using a nil deck and i go straight for the person closest to 60 because the chances of nilling their best cards is much greater.