New Piece of HALO 4 Concept Art

By Nicolas (SPARTH) Bouvier (previously worked on the original Assassin's Creed,Prince of Persia titles and RAGE and is now working with 343 Industries on HALO 4.



Pelican's, big ships and something that looks like the portal to the Ark in HALO 3.


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Looks good. Also impressed to see Rage among his previous history, because that's an excellent game.

Nice, also love the graphics and designs on RAGE but dude the demo made me dizzy LoL I guess to much for me, also gave me a headache.

now I'm def following him to see if he posts more images

He's definitely worth following - a fantastic artist and one of the reason I do what I do. :)

Wow surprisingly looks excellent. I've never played RAGE before so...never really seen this guy's artwork. Really nice though. :))

as a fan of assassins creed from the beggining and lover of the graphics of Rage and fanboy of Halo, that guys is definetly worth a follow

and I only played the demo, but I guess to much for me to handle LoL I guess al the 3D made me dizzy, it was on 3D right?

The little robots look like Sentenials which were made by Forerunners.  Maybe they're the enemy in Halo 4.