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I want  a new one for vehicles, I'd call it "Keys"

"Soldier running keys has full control over the mobility of that vehicle.  Others may use weapons or enter for safety, but the soldier with the "KEYS" is the only one who can move that vehicle".

6 or 7 times this weekend had peeps jack my ride and go get killed.  Was 16-0 on some Kharg conquest, running my M-1, guy jacks it as I repair, heads straight to "D" (there spawn) we get trashed by a javlin, 3 rpg's and kornet launcher.......

Canals too....was 12-4, parked the Vodnick right behind "A" 2nd set of Rush crates.  Guy grabs it, runs to their spawn, Amtrack and little bird owned the Vod out in the open. wish, perchance to dream ;)


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I feel your pain.  Its like they take it and think "lets go somewhere where 5 people can shoot rockets at me at the same time."

On the topic of bf3 etiquette, if you are flying the attach chopper and someone is nice/crazy enough to gun for you, don't fly 500 meters above the battlefield and lock onto jets all game.  That's not the role of the chopper.  Fly low, shoot at tanks, and give your gunner a chance.

Funny you mention that, seeing every single gunner I've had in my choppers (if they aren't a friend) gun at all the jets running by. Yes, many people seem to fly that low in jets lately. Also, what's with people trying to constantly kamikaze recently? It wasn't that bad at first but not it's every single game with air vehicles. It's like the mentality is, "I really suck at trying to shoot anything at all. Might as well fail miserably at trying to hit him, too!" I swear, it's painful watch when only one or two bullets from the main gun hits me in four passes then they resort to trying to crash into me only to fail at that too. While I'm sitting still in the chopper. So, lately I've been attack jets in the chopper then returning back to battling tanks and other ground units. Free points are free points when the kiddies don't know how to use jets properly.

I always get stuck ing the side of the chopper that is facing away from the action as the pilot makes circles. It always suck!

I agree with Durbin, plenty of times I will have a humvee parked in the perfect spot to watch an MCOM station only to have some jack @@@ teammated grab it and run in straight into an AT mine

Yeah, kind of annoying when you're clearly watching an objective in the gunner seat so you don't alert the enemy and some kid just hops in and takes it for a joy ride only to get killed or make half way across the map before getting out and running the rest of the way...away from the objectives.

This thread... is the TRUTH. I can't stnad when fools jack my vehicles as I am repairing!!! 9 out of 10 times they get killed within 45 seconds =[

Just a team player who's pretty good at tanks (not the best, looked at the leaderboards and wanted to cry) I'll sit in that tank, repair it, drop mines for protection.....

Ah well, I can wish ....LOL