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I think the reason that first person shooters are getting so stale is because of the lack of new original game types. If new shooters were to have new and original game types, I think that the games would be more fun. But of course, big companies see "new and original" as a very big risk because it could go either way. What do you think?


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The question is what hasn't been done already?

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Thats why i miss Unreal tournament. That game had IMO the best game modes. Look at UT 3. More maps than you will find in any other FPS and more game modes.

insta gib matches were awesome, Titan matches, some game mode where you have to get a ball and throw it through the opponents hoop.  capture the flag, vehicle capture the flag.

I cant even think of what else it had but the mutators made things more interesting.

How bout a Frankenstien mode ?

This game mode has a  CTF type objective where both ends of the map Blue/Red have a vault that can only be broken down by the Supersoldier which can only be "made " by players who salvaged workable body parts from players they have killed.



Players are required to take these parts to a part of the map which has a "lab" and there you can assemble your hulking behemoth providing your team gathered enough pieces then the person who brought the most parts is allowed to play as this "creation" which then can take part in bashing down the opposing teams vault and take the contents back to their base thus winning the game.



Players can kill the Hulk but its going to take a few people to do it and you can setup strats to keep opposing players out of the lab.So lets see , you can either go for kills to get body parts or go defensive and camp the labs to prevent anyone from making their creation.

A good one is mixing gameplay modes from other popular genres in a FPS. A good one is tower defense. Horde 2.0 mode in the upcoming Gears of War 3 looks pretty fun. They are hyping that up more than the actual campaign mode--which might I add is supposed to be the final chapter in the trilogy to boot.


You got your basic horde/survival modes... frag multiplayer modes... and arcade/objective modes are fun too (like Modern Warfare's Special Ops), mainly because they sometimes require oddball objectives and gameplay. One you dopn't see too often now is an arcade playthrough of the levels and main campaigns with a scoring system. I don't know why they axed it from Call of Duty 4, but it was great. I know they included one for Medal of Honor too. And since we're on the topic of CoD, this is another reason why there is a big following of the franchise. It isn't just mediocre gameplay. People like to forget about their extra game modes like the arcade style levels, objective-based Special Ops, a waved Survival mode for MW3.--And don't forget Zombies! and co-op. Not too mention there are like 20 different game modes on multiplayer modes including CTF, FFA, Domination, ect... And yet so many nay-sayers.

Original ideas have been tried (admittedly not many new ideas in AAA titles) but when they are tried people play them online for a while but then go back to playing their mainstay game (pick from COD, Halo, Battlefield, Gears).

Because they know that its unlikely an original idea will be a big seller and remain popular they are unlikely to throw the necessary development dollars at it. Also to get the most gamers playing an online game they are usually kept pretty simple like the CODs and Halos. By simple I mean the basic online game modes.