New maps?

I know that if your are a premium elite  you get the new maps first but how long will it take for the maps to open up to the general players?  Thank you


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The first map pack will release on March 20th for non-premium elite members.

ok but when will they be intergrated into the regular rotation.

Usually right away to answer your question.

When the map pack comes out if they have any sense at all there will be a map pack only playlist and then a week or two after they will be integrated into the regular playlist. Did they ever fix that for Elite people?

No they didn't zdope, it sucks still. I haven't even played the last two new maps because I can't play them in modes I want to.

I am probably one of the few who haven't had too many complaints about the way they bundled the elite playlists.  I kind of like the variety of game modes.  I tend to want to jump around a lot anyway in game modes so this just let me sit in a lobby and wait for the next game mode.