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Who likes any of these original Battlefield Maps?? I don't, most of them have way too much sunlight, an other obstacles, I want to see more Weather Effected Maps AND maybe some night time maps, Second **** is my Favorite Map pack, Metro & GULF, what are your favorites? What would you like to see more new maps or Older BattleFeild Classics!

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Bridge Too Far, Backstab and Par for the Course

I really like all of the Second Assault Maps. I really don't play The China Rising Maps much at all. Gulf Of Oman is awesome when the storm kicks in.

I was thinking about a map idea, like a hamburger hill, a much bigger scale, it would be like a Rush without m-coms? two turns first you try an capture the hill then when the tickets are done an the match is over the next match you get to defend the hill, make it way bigger than that hill on a china rising map ( sorry im not familiar with their names)

SA maps are better than the ones that came with the release.

I rarely play CR and the 'new' maps, always straight on to Second Assault - I don't why but the SA maps seem to be more fun and laid out in a much better way - used to hate metro now can't get enough of it.  I'd like Kharg Island and Africa Harbor to make a return.

I know this game is finally getting better an better, I cant wait to get rentals going SO I can play nothing but SA maps especially Metro & some Domination, matches for those I like the standard maps like Parcel & Zavod.

I agree with Parallax, Bridge to Far, Backstab are two maps I'd love to see remade for bf4. And another one would be Eagles Nest (I think that was the name)