New Maps - Thoughts

I'm curious about people's thoughts regarding some of the new multiplayer maps.

Not sure if I remember them all, but ones that I have seen are:





In my opinion, Rebirth is a nice map.  Small enough to play and enough weapon variety to make it good for many different play-styles.  On interesting thing on Rebirth is that in Elite Slayer, the Elite must crouch in order to  get to the Plasma Launcher which lies underneath a crawl space in the middle of the map.

In my opinion, Precipice is waaaaaay too big for a 4v4 Team Slayer match.  There are a bunch of different levels and corners and turns that it becomes more tedious than anything else.  I haven't seen all of the weapons on the not sure what all is there. 

Think Twice is fun, but very small.  I tend to think that Sprint is the optimal AA on this map due to its small size.  I have seen several form of this...some with the Plasma Launcher spawning and sometimes with the Rocket Launcher....and it's not particular to Elite Slayer  or regular Slayer. 

Select is a Huge map which appears to benefit Jetpack.  It's an absolute field day for those people who are good with the sniper or DMR/precision weapons.




If anyone has any thoughts, I'd like to see what you think.



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I have not played them maps yet I play mostly swat..... Do you know what playlist to go to, to get the maps?? I would like to try them

Team slayer is  where i played them and think twice is a bad map. I really wish they would come out with a map pack and stop forceing us to play some of these bad maps. Im still hoping they will put of a BTB map pack

Not a fan of Rebirth. The amount of weapons makes it rather unbalanced. I played an Arena game on it, no one on my team (including me) had ever even heard of it let alone played on it. We got absolutely murdered (also because of half my team quitting). They got the Rocket Launcher, Sniper, Concussion Rifle, and a Shotgun. Eventually, we found the Shotgun on our side too, but we never found out where the Sniper or Rockets were. It was really, really bad.

I really enjoyed the BTB maps and played a lot of Flagstravaganza... I can't check the specific maps because it just says Forge World but I know it's at least 3 of them. Mt. Lam Lam and some other ones!


Edit: Ok, realized you CAN check what maps specifically. 


Mt. Lam Lam and Enclosed. But I think Enclosed has been in there for awhile so... 



crap. i'm not even able to go online to play yet as i dont have my xbox back yet. *sob*

To be honest, alot of the Forge World Maps are useless overall in matchmaking.

Rebirth is the worst map and is a waste of a forge map also it's unbalanced.


Care to elaborate??  A half-baked statement that Rebirth is so?  This forum is to help people and to conversate.  How do you support your opinion or why do you think that?


I'm sure your opinion has value to some people...but, as it stands, you've made two relatively general statements and maybe it's worth exploring.  To say that "alot of the Forge World Maps are useless overall in Matchmaking..." -- is supported how?  


I'd be open to hear you be more specific.

Rebirth is far from unbalanced - it's symmetrical? I don't think you should be albe to jetpack onto the middle roof areas though.