New maps not on rotation?

I've been playing TDM and haven't gotten one new map on rotation are they not available on Standard Playlist?


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You miss the Forces of Nature playlist?

Do does that mean i cannot play Standard TDM on the new maps?

If that is the way it works then i think its crap, i don't like any of the Alpha or Zeta playlist. I would play Stranded games if i was playing alone but since i am playing with friends i would like to play TDM. Under standard playlist i see it says TDM with no DLC but i don't choose that i choose regular TDM and i should be able to play all the maps as i have all DLC.

I believe the Forces of Nature playlist contains the retail maps, the free map pack  and the Forces of Nature Maps only.

Never mind disregard this topic, i just joined a TDM and it rotated 3 new maps, finally! lol awesome.

Yeah, they are in there, just not popping very often for TDM. Most of the Guardian matches currently are on the new maps.