New Maps in Public Multiplayer?

I've only ever got 2 of them searching for a public game.  Twice when I was in a game with nothing but bots, but randoms still joined after the game was underway.

So, is that the only way to play them public so far?


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Last night I played Trenches 8 times, Drydock 5 times, Sandbar 3 times, Checkout twice and Mercy and Old town once. This was all in a 3 hour period, mostly with bots and a handful of drop ins. Otherwise it was just a friend and I. I haven't played any of the new maps in public match yet but I thought I'd heard they won't go totally public until thanksgiving with the map booster dlc which is free?

Anyways, it goes without saying the map distribution can be pretty poor sometimes. If the new maps are public already then awesome! If not I am still looking forward to it.

I feel as if when I play online. I get the same few maps over and over again. With a different map once in awhile. Is it just me? Or does the map cycle suck?

They come up in Horde a lot but I've only been able to play them once or twice. Most times people vote against them and then quit when the new maps get picked. People are selfish and stupid like that.

I played the first one about a week ago.  KOTH on Azura , tonight it was CTL on Rustlung. 

Kind of a big gap in between the games so I figured it was because I got a game with nothing but bots again.   Maybe it thinks it's private or something.

Azura is pretty cool for Horde, Rustlung is meh. Blood Drive is the shiznit, but people are too scared to play it apparently.

Just wait 15 more days and you will be able to play them all the time.

I wonder why you have to replay a map like 3 or 4 times in the span of an hour.  Seems like they would make it so you cycle through at least half the maps before you replay a map.  That's about the only thing I would like for Epic to change,  Though I have yet to see the new maps outside of private matches.

I`ve seen more blood drive map than the other new ones, Though that ( to  me) is the best horde map,And pretty good on beast