new map pack zombie question...WaW reference

It seems i remember the zombies in WaW were alot easier to actually kill compared to BO zombies.  With this new map pack bringing back the old maps are they just as easy to kill still? or are they now BO tougher?  I was an idiot and traded WaW so i cant check, and since my younger kids are loving zombies now i'm gonna get the new pack, but was hoping they'd be WaW easy to kill...



side note, I took my daughter to the range the other day and she made me buy some zombie splatter targets for her to practice on lol


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i thought black ops had an 18/mature rating for a reason.

you took your daughter to a gun range to shot zombie targets???

is it just me,or what?

At least shes learning with her father instead of on the streets :P Me and my dad went out shooting when I was 12. Started with a .22 and worked my way up. They didn't have those splatter targets then but we used the paper human shaped ones. It's not about what your shooting at as long as they are able to understand the difference between right and wrong. The way our governments going it will probably be in her lifetime that we have another civil war so I think its best to be prepared.

Oh yea...On topic...not a clue I suck at zombies.

i am in the uk,the idea of taking your kid to a gun range and then putting stickers on a target to make it more fun,is just ridiculous to me.

kids shouldn`t even be playing the video game let alone playing it in real life.

The zombies in WaW were easier to kill. At least I think so.

I suppose it depends on the age

I can confirm that in comparison too WaW, the BO zombies on the WaW maps are the same as on other BO maps, tough as nails. Which sucks imo, as my old 'camp at the top of the stairs' tactic on Der Reise is no longer possible :(

Also IMO, the BO zombies are a ton harder to kill than the WaW zombies. But you have to think, in WaW you had WWII weapons which were weaker than the (sort of) modern weapons in BO. Because the guns are stronger, the zombies have to be stronger as well.

I don't know about easier to kill, but in World at War the zombies would usually pause before they swiped at you. In Black Ops, you can easily get double-swiped.