New Legacy of Kain?


Can't say I've ever heard of this site, and this is just the word of one person, but there may be a spark of hope.


I also recall Kain and Raziel as playable characters on the Tomb Raider arcade game that came out not too long ago.


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So I'm part of a website where you get paid to take online surveys and today I took one that asked me what I thought about different possible names for a Legacy of Kain game. Has there been any news about a new game in this series that I have missed or did I stumble across something here?

The four names were Obsidian Blood, Obsidian Sun, Dead Sun, and Revenant. They also asked if the names sounded good alone or tagged with any of the Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver/Blood Omen names used previously.

Surveys I've taken in the past have had the product later show up on store shelves so I figured I would share this info with you guys.

[/quote]If that site is taking "online surveys" as "news", I don't see much credibility.


I'd certainly like to see another one. Thought the series was awesome.

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If that site is taking "online surveys" as "news", I don't see much credibility.



I don't disagree.


I've taken surveys that Ubisoft, EA and other publishers send me, and a lot of the topics you're asked about end up as actual products.  So it's not unheard of.

They totally need to re-release the whole series either as is or (fingers crossed) with update graphics i.e., Resident Evil redux for Gamecube. I cannot be alone in this...

I agree with Zen. A survey from some random site with no credibility doesn't really amount to much. And just because you took survey and then it happened, doesn't necessarily the two are connected. That's like me taking a survey asking if I like cheeseburgers, and then a year later a McDonalds shows up. Chances are they were going to put a McDonalds there anyway. I'm not saying the two are definitely not connected. Just that I'll wait for some credible information to be announced before giving it a second thought. And personally, I'd rather have a new Soul Reaver.