Welcome. This is a new kit PVP server that will hopefully be up 24/7. Depends on a variety of factors. The first couple of days will be trial periods. There will be times when the server is down for maintenance.

Server Info: As mentioned before this is a kit PVP server. If you have never played in a kit PVP server here are the basics. You will start in a spawn area and you will be able to choose a kit. Once you have chosen your kit you will be deployed out to the arena. From this point on you must try to survive for as long as possible. Building bases is allowed. Mining is allowed. While mining is allowed I have some disappointing news for those of you who plan on staying underground the whole time or duplicating diamond. There is absolutely no diamond in this map. There is also no Lapis. Both ores have been changed into iron ore. Iron ore is more plentiful in this server then any regular server so there is no reason why anyone shouldn't be able to get an iron set. This also making duplicating iron essentially pointless because of the simplicity of getting iron. 

Background info: I tried running a 24/7 PVP server before and surprisingly running it 24/7 wasn't an issue. It was trying to prevent players from cheating that was the real issue. I restarted the server and after 12 hours there had been at a minimum 18 out of 40 players that had cheated or gained duplicated items from someone else. So by taking out the diamond in this map it levels the playing field and makes it so owning diamond armor/weapons is an accomplishment not just something for obvious duplicators. 

The Rules:
Absolutely no duplicating
Don't spawn kill
Don't Xray
Don't leave the arena
Don't destroy the glass dome
Don't destroy spawn in anyway
Don't try to gain sponge in unsatisfactory ways.
Breaking of any of these rules results in a permanent ban.

The Kits:
Knight (K): All iron armor, iron sword, 1 sponge
Archer (A): All leather armor, bow (Power 1), sponge
Pyro (P): All chain armor, iron sword fire aspect 1, sponge
Escapist (E): Diamond boots feather falling 3, enderpearl x3, stone sword, sponge
Weapons Expert (W): Bow, iron sword x2 (Knockback II on one, Sharpness II on the other), TNT, redstone torch, sponge
Mage (M): Potion of poison II, Potion of Weakness 4:00, Potion of Harming II, Gunpowder, Brewing stand, sponge
Spy (S): Map, Potion of Swiftness II, Potion of Regeneration II, Potion of Healing II, Potion of Strength II
Demolitions (D): TNT x3, redstone torch x2, sponge

Spawn kit map
     S  S  S  S  S  S  D
M  M M  M M  M M  M
E  E  E  E  E  E  E  E
P  P  P  P  P  P  P  P
A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A
K  K  K  K  K  K  K  K
There are 72 of Knight, Archer, Pyro, Escapist, Weapons expert and Mage kit. There is 54 of the spy kit and 576 of the demolitions kit.
The currency for this server will be Sponge. Sponge can be traded between players and can also be traded to the server shop. 1 Sponge = $1. To trade with the shop either catch me when I am online and active or send me a message with the coordinates of the sponge you want to trade and the item that you want. 

Prices (subject to change):
64 Enchantment/XP Bottles = $16
Diamond Boots = $14
Diamond Leggings = $16
Diamond Chestplate = $20
Diamond Helmet = $15
Diamond Sword = $13
Enderpearls = $3
Golden Apple = $5
Enchantment Table = $8
5 Iron = $1 
15 Gold = $1
5 Bookshelves = $1 
10 Netherwart = $1
20 Soul Sand = $1
Brewing stand = $3
Potion ingredients = $1-5 per ingredient. Depends on ingredient. 
3 Gunpowder = $1
5 Glowstone Dust  = $1
Other items can be discussed.

Every player that posts in this topic will be rewarded 3 sponge. This can be repeated every day as long as you don't double post. 

Feel free to send me a friend request at G0dofgames. I will try to accept friend requests as often as possible. Also, depending on the popularity I may need an admin/moderator. This will be determined later on. Please do not ask about it until I make a decision. 


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