New Iron Galaxy Article 4/25/14

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Here are the comments about Season 2:

"Iron Galaxy is taking over Killer Instinct this year with Season 2."

"Those lessons look to serve Lang and his team well as they begin ramping up development efforts on Killer Instinct Season 2. "

"Something fans may not know about Iron Galaxy's involvement in the franchise: they were not only a respondent to Microsoft's original request for proposal on the reboot - they were actually actually a hair's breadth away from winning the contract! While Lang doesn't know all the details, he does know that both his studio and Double Helix made the final cut for developing the game, but because Microsoft also decided to invest in Iron Galaxy's Kinect-exclusive Wreckateer as a showcase for the peripheral, and that was already consuming a large chunk of Lang's development resources, the studio was shorthanded and couldn't take the load. Though he did feel a bit disappointed with losing the Killer Instinct pitch to Double Helix, he admits that "While it was disappointing at the time, if you take a look at where we were at that point versus the final game Double Helix was able to make, I firmly believe we would not have made as good of a game as Double Helix did - in terms of available resources, we simply weren't there at that time." 

"Iron Galaxy's team was very impressed with the game that Double Helix was able to deliver, and jumped at the chance when Microsoft came knocking with the opportunity to have them deliver Season 2. "When talking to Patrick [Gilmore, head of Double Helix], I asked him, 'hey, is it really cool if we do this?' It was kind of awkward at first," Lang admits, "sort of like dating someone's ex-girlfriend." At the time, Lang didn't know why Double Helix was unable to continue the project - he found out later, along with the rest of the world, that Double Helix was purchased by Amazon as part of their new gaming initiative." 

"Though he couldn't share anything with us about when to expect any details on the next wave of Killer Instinct content, one thing has never been clearer: with Dave Lang at the helm, this series is in very good hands."


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