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Are you into making shortfilms? Acting? Editing? Doing voiceover? if so, LYTZ Out SoCiety is recruiting for our major production.


Whats it about?

Sorry I can't list any information about the production because of a legal non-disclosure agreement with LoS Productions but what i can say is that its in full prudction and we have alot of great people working on it like former writers, actors, and upcoming actresses and more.


What do i have to do to be in it?

Well first you have to accept the requirementsand then contact LoS iNamiK @ lytzoutsociety.com or via xbox live gtag: LoS iNamiK.or via GTAforums


What are the requirements?

- you will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the Owner/Leader of LoS

- must be mature and able to follow orders and execute them(do xyz, not abc).

- Must join LYTZ Out SoCiety and change gamertag because you will be representing us on a business standpoint.


Do i get paid?

No. this is not a job. however, If you assist us with this production by meeting the requirements, you will be compensated(not necessarily money but it could factor).



Any other questions or concerns message me, 


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Yeah because changing your name for a business you represent and then not getting paid and being completely forgotten about is worth the wasted $10.

you go girl

Thanks for your support baby!

- Will not be paid.

- Must change gamertag.

- Must sign an NDA.

This is a tragic joke, right?

I believe you misunderstood. we are a indie production team, and we have a alot people working on this so far, no one is gettting paid for our work. we're not paying you to pretty much just stand there and look pretty or just say 2 lines on a mic and that's it. we are VERY serious about this and we don't want no one to steal what we worked very hard to achieve thats why we have a nondisclosure agreement. If you don't know what that is then Google it! and Yes, Me and my production team consider what we're doing a business. We don't have no party to fund us for this IM not even getting any money for this. Yes we do put money into this but i'm not going to specify why.

So if your just so stuck on "oh i gotta get paid just to show up and record for them even though i game like every other day and all i have to do is really stand there", you must be really f*ckin stupid.

How about some kinda sample to see what you are trying to accomplish. Your description is vague at best.

Well what were doing is really big. LoS Productions is a group of serious gamers into the movie/tv production business. We are independent and we don't depend or have any type of big contract or agreement from any publishers, although are youtube channel is recently partnered with Machinima.

Our Production is a lengthy and broad and is for a mature audience. We're looking for guys and girls like us that's willing to join the society and the production team and have the mindset which we have and go forth in this. Because of our standards and how organized we are, we like to keep things professional and won't dumb down for anyone. Therefore the following requirements are...

-You to be mature and serious about our Production and take it seriously.. we have a lot of rehearsals and thnigs that we do and its important that each member is willing to be there and not joke around.

-be active. We're not asking to no no life you're online activity with us but when we invite you...that means we need you don't have to be on 24/7, we all have are personal lives and its not our 1st priority in life but this is important to us and when you're online..and we invite you we expect you to join. If you're busy doing whatever, please message us.

-Join LYTZ Out SoCiety by registering on our website @ lytzoutsociety.com

-willing to change gamertag. If you're not willing to change you're name that's fine were not going to force it on you but we do want you because we like to look professional and because you'll be apart of LoS we want to to represent LoS. But if you still don't want to that's totally fine but we won't credit you for you're work for instance "Robber played by Anonymous." We want to do it as Robber played by LoS (whatever u want) then you're real name.

And last but most definitely not least is you have to sign a non disclosure agreement with the Owner/Leader of the Production. (So none of our, including your, hard work stuff won't get stolen, copied! Shared, Or sold to anyone without consent.)

This is really messed up. You might want to rethink what you've set up here. BTW you made my atheistic friend believe in god.

Just kidding you made her loose all faith in humanity because of you and your friends.

LoS production: Hey guys I have a really good idea! We want to make our group more successful right? Well I think in order to entice people to work for us we should make them make them sign a NDA, not pay them, and then on top of all that they should PAY MONEY to represent us by changing their GT! And if they are in a financial situation where they cant change their GT then that's fine we just won't credit them for their work!

like geez with your SUPERIOR logic and reasoning I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER why no one wants to work with you. especially after reading that ever-so-detailed disruption that was in no way vague. Where the heck is your Nobel prize? Actually THANK YOU KIND SIR you proved Darwin WRONG, because according to natural selection *** like you should have died off a while ago.  

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