New Glitches since new maps/patch?

So I was browsing the forum looking for any threads on the new series of glitches/exploits that have become apparent since the new maps/patch came out and didnt really see any. Im sure they exist, but clearly I missed them ( I don't forum creep very much )

Anyone else having issues with people riding MAV's onto otherwise unreachable platforms?

Also spawning on top of vehicles/Jets and then being immediately team killed when they start moving ( I usually play HC ). I'v actually seen 3 people stacked on top of each other on top of a jet. Although it is pretty funny watching people get launched forward when a tank starts moving.

Just curious if anyone has heard of any coming fixes for these?


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MAV has been determined to be just enterprising gameplay, the spawning is goofy at times. I have died spawning on top of a chopper before it wil prob. be address sometime. The MAV question was talked about here on the forums a time or two so there ya go happy hunting.

They didn't fix any of the pre-B2K problems. If they do fix anything, they'll come with the next batch of DLC. Microsoft charges these companies to release patches so they usually only release a FREE first day ppatch and then add them to the "paid for" DLC so it doesn't cost them anything.

The new maps have brought on a whole host of new favorite is getting stuck while jumping out a window.  The screen prompts you to "deploy parachute" and as soon as you do, you suicide.

The Helitank now rules the battlefield and although I love the new maps, the gameplay is suckage.

Iv encountered a really annoying problem with the Recon too. I have it set up with my gun and attachments and what not, but every time I spawn after dieing or joining a new game, the recon gun set up defaults to the SV88. So I have to manually re-select the Sniper Rifle I actually want to use. Doesnt seem to happen with any other classs though.

I get stuck in windows all the time too,hah. Or just cant jump through them at all and my guy just leaps up and down. I didnt know MS charged them to release patches. That makes sense now. Greasy.

In all honesty, ever since I got COD3, BF has lost its appeal. Not that COD doesnt have its own set of issues. BF just seems to be...very broken in my opinion. Maybe im just getting bitter in my old age..haha

Not sure if it still happens, but the jets were glitching where they did not fly properly and you had to bail out.

^ thats called Lag, I've had that. Anyway, the only glitch I know of since the patch is that kills in the A-10 don't count as vehiclee kills ruining my Jet kill and flight time counts which is annoying. Instead the points go to the class you spawned with. I already reported this to DICE in multiple ways.

He said "Forum Creep"

That is caused by lag? Weird it never happened to me until after the Karkand release. Very annoying as I have trouble getting in the jets so I have had 2 times ruined by this.

I can't think of any real game breaking glitches that still occur since the patch.

The Mav being able to run over people is pretty BS too. I've had the jet issue as well. It seems like lag to me too. Its weird, its almost like your jet takes damage because of the lag.

I feel like the testers at EA did very little before releasing BF3. Just threw it out in time for the holidays. Ah well.

I've never noticed the A-10 kills not counting. That would be pretty annoying. I wish they would let you put 2 people in the jets though. Having a spotter in the back like in single player would be a huge help. Especially in Hardcore where you cant go into 3rd person.

I wouldnt call any of the glitches game breaking, but some of them are pretty close. The Mav glitch is probably the closest thing to ruining the game. Being able to get onto super high buildings and place a spawn beacon is rediculous. I usually just switch teams and team kill glitchers until i get auto I do love to mess with people who use exploits.