New Glitch!

WMD and Firing Range so far, will have more in the future im sure


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How many times must you be told about the 'Sticky' banning Youtube links?


Also, if there is a glitch, PM someone with Treyarch instead of posting glitches to the public forums.


It's all common sense really.

Hey, it's this guy.

What ever happened to the weekly posting of stats?

well, did you ever think that i really don't care? i guess not. people still watch them, so i guess not everyone is against putting them up.

what a douchebag

Well let me put it this way... Reported for violating forum rules and not promoting a fair and friendly gaming experience.


Edit: And I will NEVER watch any video posted by the OP. Such a waste of human space.

Troll be trollin.

OP did the same thing the Gears of War 3 forum too..kinda lame

Its only because hes not known. AND he needs to adhere to the rules or he'll be sitting in the corner with the dunce cap on.

well, maybe if people weren't complete *** *** i wouldn't do the stuff i do, maybe if people were respectful in video game forums which is i guess impossible for some people.

^^Yup TWO wrongs do make a right............../facepalm.