New ghost voice

anyone else HATE the new ghost voice??? 

I miss Peter Dinklage :( he was WAAAYYYY better :( 


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I find some lines were better recorded by Dinklage, but overall I think I prefer North (I love Uncharted so maybe I'm biased)! :P

Lol I love GoT so I may be biased too. But maybe I just don't like change, but I think LOTS of lines were better by dinklage. "Guardian down" "we've awoken the hive" and the funny little quips were way better. And I just heard him in "the strangers call" mission at the end when the vex come in the library and he goes "no no no..." North sounds idk... Like a kid about to throw a tantrum lol.

Bungie tried to get him back for TTK, but he was busy with GoT, so had to get someone else, which, of course, meant having to redo all the lines.