New Gears of War 3 Dust to Dust Trailer!


I was expecting more but , this will do. :D


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What a corny song

I've always liked Mazzy Star, so I like the song. I think that they were going for a melancholy sound to match the gravity of the events in the Gears' world.

You can see Raam at the 15 second mark, which made me think that the beginning of the trailer is Gears gone past, the first and second games. When they get to the top you see the sky and the new enemies and characters. htat's Gears 3.

good eye.  That is indeed Raam.  

Or either that Raam is somehow still alive and coming back in Gears 3 [:/]



It just made reference to each game, notice the armor and look of the characters it changes from each area.  Dom's beard changes. It was indeed RAAM in the first section because it reference the first game.  RAAM, Skorge and Kim are all dead don't expected them in the 3rd game except maybe in multiplayer.  I love how Gears trailers put slow melancholy songs match with desperate fight to set the mood of the games.  I has a much stronger emotional impact than a heavy metal song with crazy action. It was an awesome trailer once again.

The song is perfect, I got chills watching that....going nutts waiting. Dude next door to me is chopping up a downed tree with a chainsaw.....I'm getting wood.

Gears always has the best game trailers. I really liked how this one went through every game. Best one is still the Mad World one IMO.