New gamemodes for BF3 should be...

Sniper Fest and TDM. Hopefully that will result in less useless players in objective games.

Sniper fest can use open map as well as city maps. It will please the snipers and please the objective players.

TDM becasue most people play this game for kills and if BF wants to compete with Cod they need it.


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Nah, waste of server space.

Dice should stick to what they're good at.

I'd like an expansion for it later on that's reminiscent of BF2142. That was a fun game, though not the greatest, but still highly enjoyable. Titan Mode mixed Conquest and Rush, basically, for both teams. I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

I think if they made Rush and Conquest  are good, if they were to make a mode similar to Onslaught for multiplayer then I would be completely happy :)

As far as useless players go I think a better solution would be to make maps and modes that make it impossible for someone with that playstyle to be in any way successful. If they were to stop tracking K/D ratio and offer fewer points per kill in comparison to objectives that would be ideal. Although the first one won't happen.

I just hope theres plenty of Anti-air guns on the maps...muuhahaha...

Battlefield 3 should be a "Battlefield" game.

But in agree Clow, if you make sniper only server.. all the damn bushwookies will go there, might leave open space on the servers for usefull recon guys. :D

just give me CQ (and maybe RUSH for those who dig it).. no need for TDM ... the people who like it can go play it on a different game..

I did like CTF on occasion (from BF2mc)...

has anything been released about what game modes will be included?


Conquest is all we really need unless it's the Bad Company version. RUSH and Onslaught would be great.


TDM or SDM are ok but really have no place in battlefield. Sniperfest would be good for a week till they get tired of not having "easy targets" that are focused on objectives.

They just need the normal FPS game-modes:

CTF, TDM(12v12),Conquest, Rush, Onslaught(Co-op missions) And for Onslaught make some missions where you have to defend a teammate that is defusing a bomb. Also, have something like 2-12 player support for it.

Conquest has already been confirmed as well as Rush, but Rush may be tweaked slightly.

Problem with an all sniper mode being they'll have a harder time looking for other wookies than they would on a base game mode popping people working on objectives.


So I doubt it would have the desired affect.

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