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There should be a game mode called something along the lines of The Great War where you have to complete certain objectives in order to win like a real war/conflict. First off you must capture two flags on a map then hold the flags for approx 1 min. Afterwards you go into team d mode where two teams compete for the highest number of kills in about 5 min then lastly you must kill there randomly choosen vip a number of times to win. What ideas do yall have?


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That's like Killzone, objectives swap without interrupting the game. Good idea though if you didn't know it was in that game.

Battlefield also haves something similar. I think the game mode's called Rush.

Wingman from gears 3 would be sick 5 teams of 2 players

Here are some multiplayer game modes that I think every FPS game should have:

1) free for all - w/variations (e.g. 1 vs. 1)

2) team deathmatch - w/variations (e.g., standard, small squad & big team variations)

3) capture the flag - w/variations (e.g., standard, domination, team defender, etc.)

4) king of the hill - w/variations (e.g., standard, domination, headquarters, etc.)

5) tag - w/variations (e.g., infection)

6) coop (4 player campaign)

7) wingman - w/variations (e.g., team deathmatch & objective gametypes)

8) capture the leader - w/variations (e.g., kill/capture the VIP, etc.)

9) survival (face off waves of enemies either with or against other players)

10) war (multiple objectives that span across 1 gametype)

11) bomb defusal - w/variations (e.g., search & destroy, sabotage, etc.)

12) race (if the game has vehicles - e.g., laps, weapons race, tag, etc.)

13) gun game - w/variations (e.g., gun upgrade, 1-shot, etc.)

14) last man standing - w/variations (e.g. free for all or team-based; limited number of lives)

15) random (includes all gametypes/maps chosen at random w/no opportunity for a vote

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14) last man standing - w/variations (e.g. free for all or team-based; limited number of lives)


This used to be my Broteam's favorite Private Match past time w/ out Mini-map, and HUD.

the gears 3 spawn system, then the call of duty franchise would be saved!!!! P. S. I know this is off topic, but had to say it