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Info courtesy of Gameinformer issue 221 (some light spoilers ahead):

- The beginning of the game starts off with you being a participant in a gladiatorial arena, controlled by Hansome Jack, the extremely rich and oppressive main antagonist of the game who bought the Hyperion Corporation.  Of all things, he has a moon base that shoots enemies and supplies down from it via satellite.  The moon will be visible throughout the entire game, with a "H" marked on it. 

- Your first main mission will be to find the original cast.

- NPC's will be fully functional, unlike the last game.  Meaning they move around and interact with their locations, and respond to your actions.

- There will be an actual story in this game, but not enough to hold down people who just want to do missions.  "The story missions in B2 are about three times the scope of a single story mission in the first game, and they twist and turn throughout; your gameplay is changing, your goals are changing... it will be a much more dynamic experience compared to last time." - Paul Hellquist, game design director. 

- New take on the Berserker class, the Gunzerker class:  Salvador, a stout bearded man.  One of his abilities is a timed raged mode which allows him to shoot two weapons independently.  Accuracy will be decreased due to not being able to use iron sights.  You will be able to dual wield all different sized weapons, including rocket launchers and miniguns.  "We're just going to let it be overpowered, because we want people to have a great time."  -Jeramy Cooke, art director. 

- The Bandit brand **** rifle features the largest magazine capacity of any manufacturer.  The Torgue **** rifle shoots mini-rockets called gyrojets.

- The game will feature new animation thanks to their state-of-the-art motion captured studio Gearbox just built.  All mo-cap is captured by 24 T-100 cameras recording at 16 megapixels.  Everything will be smoother, more responsive, and more lifelike. 

- AI improvements:  Enemies can now dodge fire and transverse more complex environments.

- Surveyor type enemy:  This droid floats around similar to the Lance probes in General Knoxx.  When alone it deploys an energy shield that reflects incoming fire back at the player.  If other robots are with it, it repairs injured allies with it's energy beam.  It cannot deploy a shield while it heals another robot.  The repair action will not be scripted.  Injured enemies will call in for repairs, denoted by an icon over its head.  This will give the players clues on what enemy to target. The Arctic Bullymong:  A four armed ape-like creature capable of leaping great distances and throwing heavy objects at the player(s).  WAR loaders:  Quick and lean mech-like robots capable of firing barrages of missles.  EXP loader:  Self-destructing automaton that runs towards the players.  Skags:  Amongst the normal skags, the fire skag shoots fire across the battlefield which powers up the normal ones, giving them offensive and defensive benefits.  Skags will communicate to one another.  Fire skags will call to other skags, which causes them to run up to be lite on fire.  Nomad Bandit:  Slow and round (fat),  they carry metallic shields that protect their entire body.  A variant called the Nomad Torturer has a midget chained to the front of his shield to soak up damage.  The developers are still deciding on how to make the midget behave (ie defense and offense).  LOL. 

- New vehicle:  The Bandit Technical.  Will have higher resolution models and textures, the ability to powerslide, and better collision detection.  Four seats will be standard in each vehicle. 

- "The class skill trees will maintain the first game's three-branch structure, but feature more defined abilities as opposed to simple stat boosts."  One of Salvador's skills makes his weapons fire increasingly faster as you hold down the trigger.  This coupled with dual wielding will be devastating.  Class mods and artifacts are making a return.   They will be aimed at tweaking subclasses by allowing players to activate more skills in their skill trees.  There will be much more variety of artifacts.  "Possible artifact ideas include a percentage chance that shots don't cost ammo, increased afterburner length in vehicles, and an aura of healing around the player."  I think that last line was speculation from the previewer.  

- Eridium:  One new element is called Eridium, which doesn't add damage to a weapon, but augments another element.  Dual wielding an Eridium weapon with another elemental weapon, increases damage.  It also serves as a form a currency in Pandora.  The most powerful weapons can only be purchased with Eridium.  It's also a key ingredient in a variety of power-ups.  These new power-ups provide buffs such as increased health, defense, and damage.  These are used immediately on battlefield whenever the player wants.  Enemies will carry these and use them as well.  You can loot them of course. 

- The return of ****:  After his failed uprising (****'s New Robot Revolution DLC), his view on everything that happened is different from what really happened.  He believes it's all Hyperion's fault.  He will be dealing with Hyperion differently than you. 


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