new game+

when i start a new game+ will it effect my progress in the combat or predator challenges,will i have to unlock them again,will it reset my medal totals?

i am 100% in the first play but am only half way through the challenges,i don`t want to start the new game if it erases my progress in them. 


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When you play game plus the only thing that changes is the trophys and riddles because you have to solve and collect them again and thats it...everything else stays the same has you left it. to get the Perfect Knight - Day 2 acheeve, you have to beat Game + AND collect all the trophies from Game + again?? I have all the trophies from the first campaign and was just rushing thru Game + to get the acheeve. if I have to get all the trophies and riddles in Game + as well that will suck. damn that is a lot of work.

In new Game plus, all the gadgets, xp and trophies you collected in the regular campaign carry over.  I can verify this as I started my New Game plus and still have all 440 trophies, all gadgets and get no more xp.

As far as the challenges go (Riddler's revenge, etc.) they are a separate game mode.  So within the 1 save slot you have Regular Game, + Game (you can continue in either and not affect the other), Challenges, Catwoman Mission replays, etc.

/\/\/\ ... whew!!!! thnx man!