What's up XBOX 360 players? My name is Jonathan Jock and my gamer tag is JJockJockingYou. I'm writing on the forums to make new XBL friends as well as actual friends with some of the people I play with if you live in the Austin, TX area. So just add me if you like I play a lot of different games when I can between work and hanging with my wife. My birthday was today I'm 24, I like pro football, video games, and a few tv shows like The League, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and Sons of Anarchy. I play BFBC2 a lot and already pre-ordered Battlefield 3 aswell as Rage. I own Borderlands, Halo 3, and Mass Effect. And as of late have been buying all the cheap, good looking games up at GameStop so I'm always adding to my collection when I can spare the cash. And my other request is to find some friends that really like getting achievements on the XBOX games through helping each other or giving advice for how to do it or if all else fails find another way. I really like getting achievements as well as just having fun I feel it adds to the excitement of the game I have a long way to go on most of my games but I'm real close to making 100% on BFBC2 even though I'm having real trouble on some. But hoping to finish before the release of BF3. Well anyways sorry for the ranting but that's it so just get out there and add me and let's play some games.


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Hey Jonathan. My name is Keith and I also live around the Austin area (Temple). My birthday was this past Monday, and I turned 23. I see we have a lot of common interests, and would like to have you as an XBL friend. I am a Borderlands maniac and if you need help with achievments for it, I could definitely help you. However, since I was recently un-employed, my gold membership got suspended. I will have gold again soon, so shoot me a friend request and I will more than up to playing some games with you as soon as I can.

trying to improve my gamerscore. haven't played played Borderlands in awhile, played some Halo 3 recently. to many games to little time, lol.

hey im looking for people to get some achievements with

Well I'm from Jersey, haha but yea I'm 24, pretty chill dude and yea as you can tell from my gamerscore always looking for those Achievements whenever I can get them. My birthday is coming up in October 17, so i'll be 25. Quarter of my life gone, hah. But yea if you like feel free to add me. Always looking for some peeps to play and also be friends outside of Live.