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Does anyone else think that the new forum layout completely blows?

Please just revert it, I don't care how hard you worked on the new forum layout Microsoft, it looks like some small time company website from the late 1990's.

Pretty ugly and annoyingly hard to navigate, just a downgrade in every way.




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I hate it so much. It took me over a hour just to find any forums at all. Then 30 just to find a place to post how much i hate it. I will not be using this new forum anymore. 90% of the games i talked about are not even on the game list anymore.

I like the new forums. As for the navigation, I hate that. They should have just left it the way it was overall. Or just done a temporary forum letting people try it out to see what they thought. This one has put a lot of people off.

Totally. It's an absolute mess. They've just made more changes it seems as I can't even find where the UK section is now. They should've left it alone. Pretty much don't bother with the place now. What a waste of time and money, only to end up with something worse.

they deleted the threads from the majority of the games i talked about...and it did take me awhile to get here since they gutted their functional site to make one that is difficult and broken.

Too slow, and navigation is too long winded..

[quote user="Spuudle"]Too slow[/quote]

Old forums were slow too but this new one feels like using 56kbps modem.

The extra steps to see my recently involved post is somewhat bothersome.