New ESO guild brought to you by Dad's of Destiny West


We are but a small group currently, but looking to expand. We are a group of fathers that have come over from Destiny (we were a part of Dads of Destiny West), although a small amount of us have come over to ESO, we expect eventually more will follow. We are currently seeking active members that would like to join our ranks and grow as a community within ESO. You do not need to be a father to be a part of this guild, but keep in mind that those that are may have to step away when fatherly duties called. We are a laid back guild, that will eventually look into PVP, but for the time being we focus on PVE. Majority of us are new to ESO, so we are still leveling our main characters, but all are welcome. We would eventually like to see ourselves on the forefront of battle in Cyrodil, as well as having a well established guild vendor for all that join to use. Once werewolf and vampire bites have been obtained, we will be passing out bites freely amongst the guild mates. If you are looking for a laid back, mature group of players, this may be the guild for you!

Please send an xbox message to my self (GT is posted in my signature) or feel free to message Seotasr. See you in Tamriel adventurers!


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I sent you a friend request and a message about myself. I am interested in joining up.

I would be interested in joining