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From Reddit - "Played a round at the bioware base. We did escort twice and here's what I've gathered. Basically its a lot like lost package delivery, except your whole squad escorts a probe to the extraction zone. You have to stand near the probe in order for the probe to move. I think that if more of your team that stands in the circle of the probe's radius, the faster it moves toward the extraction zone. But I'm not sure about that one. It could be just one person needs to stand in the circle and the probe moves at a consistent rate no matter how many of your squad is in the probes radius. Can Anyone at the con confirm? So it's get in the circle around the prob and follow it to the extraction zone. I don't think you have to worry about the probe being destroyed by enemies. We had some banshees on us but they didn't mess with the probe, just.... us.I also think its self guiding. For you guys that are playing it at the con, please correct me if I'm mistaken. Cheers!"

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Hopefuly it moves faster with more people in the circle. That would make the most sense and would help motivate teamwork. Looking forward to the new escort mode.  Not to be confused with the Saints Row escort missions. lol

^^ Those Saints Row escorts missions were hilarious lol but yeah the new objective should be very interesting.

I was rather hoping that on Platinum you'd be escorting a level one ai controlled Nova Guard who behaves like a typical player controlled nova guard

yup its like doing a Hack.. except harder.. since there is no cover

Had a couple of these on silver last night and they were quite fun.  The best part is once it gets from point A to point B, you get the money.  I wasnt sure if there would be multiple escorts or just 1.  Nice to see its only 1.    I kept setting up my pylon ahead of it to help heal us and supply ammo / grenades.

Its not too hard, i like how the probe talks and replenish your shields from time to time.

It would have been funny if it called us Shadow Broker.

[quote user="Cosmo G Espacio"]

Its not too hard, i like how the probe talks and replenish your shields from time to time.


I wasnt sure if the probe wes healing us or the pylon from my new character. Regarless our shields kept regenerating quite well.