New DLC??

anyone have info on if there is or isn't going to be more? 


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Nobody knows right know. I did hear that they bought the copyright to two different names, but I don't remember what they are. Try googleing it and see what happens. If I do recall I think one of the names was Redguard. Not to sure, but look it up just for safety.

Redguard would be awesome, but I also want to see a return to cyrodiil.

Bethesda applied for a copyright on the name Redguard before Dragonborn released -- this set off mass speculation that the next DLC (assuming there is one) will be centered around that race. Apparently, Redguard is the 1st race name Bethesda has ever tried to copyright despite there already being a TES game titled Reguard. The other speculative DLC centers around the continent of Akavir. Nothing, mind you, has been confirmed by Bethesda -- for that matter, they won't confirm (or deny) that there'll even be any more DLC.

Certainly wouldn't mind more, it's an excellent game that could do with as much support as they're willing to throw at it.

Mabey its there biggest dlc yet and thats why its taking longer. Its possible that Redguard is the next dlc and there making all of Hammerfell open or a large part of it. And i don't think Akavir will be a dlc, there's to much to cover for a dlc, it needs to have its own game. We will probably here something soon.

I wouldn't mind a Redguard DLC,as the desert region is always nice,but a Cyrodill or even a Dwarvin oriented DLC would be cool.With the copyright of the Redguard name,and the possible road to Hammerfell easter egg in Skyrim (Search it up,I don't remember the location)but all in all,a lifted level cap wouldn't hurt,even with the new Legendary update.

Pete Hines recently did an interview with the OXM guys & it sure as hell sounded to me like there'd be no more DLC. To paraphrase, he said: the team has been working on Skyrim for over 5 years, they're ready to move on & we're ready to bring the content guys over to the next project. Again, I paraphrased, but it was pretty dead on. Then again, he refused to flat out say no more DLC, which one would think would be the case if indeed there's going to be no more, so who the hell knows?

^^  I can't blame the guys.  Working on something for 5 years, I'd be pretty burned out as well, and ready to move onto something else.  It'd be nice to see Fallout 4 as a launch title on the next console, but that just doesn't seem likely.

^ I'd rather have Fallout 4 then more Skyrim DLC.