What's up guys just wanted to know what are your thoughts on the new dlc arctic strike?

I only played one match (riot) and had lots of fun with the new guns.

can't wait to try the other two maps.


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I like it so far.  Maps are much bigger it seems.  Stockade is a little bit of a let down so far.  Match over in three minutes, and then you have to sit in the lobby again?  Wish they released a patch to hopefully undo whatever it was that went wrong for a lot of us with patch 1.3.  Probably shouldve waited to purchase DLC, but then I typically have impulse control issues.

Maps are great, bigger, good detail specially the Helicopters flying around the rooftop map.  Stockade is much slower and the xp you get is a lot less but I still enjoy games where being careful and taking your time is important, but I am also a fan of LMS and this seems to be as close as I am going to get, with teams of course.  Haven't used all of the new guns only for Engineer class.  Overall I am happy, minus the issues I have post patch!

WoW I would be the only one disappointed in this DLC... I don't see why they added 10 levels to the level cap since you get nothing for it. Yes the maps are bigger but besides a couple of building or what not all it is is a big open map with a lot of  cover making it more of a camping/ getting kills over working as a team for objectives.  So far I only used the rifleman guns and they are garbage I do better using the starting weapons with no attachments. Then to end it I wish they would of added TDM or this stockade worse game type so far for me.

I like the maps, I am glas they are much bigger than the old maps. I like stockade except for the fact that after the match starts the spawn areas stay protected. Had a match where the last guy left just ran and hid in his spawn for about 2 minutes. His team still lost but it was annoying because we could not kill him and had to wait for time to run out. I like the new guns, but agree that adding 10 additonal levels to the level cap but not adding anymore unlocks is kind of pointless.