New difficulty setting. :D

Theres a new difficulty setting called legendary. Finally!  :D  What do you guys think about it?


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I'm loving it. I came back to this game after a year after learning the patch could help eliminate grinding - I like to specialise my characters and HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE having to grind through skills I don't want to use just to get the perk points for skills I want. I only need 50-60 lvls for my soldier but I can't even get to that without grrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiinding.... previously.


The patch hopefully fixes that, and from what I understand it will.


The Legendary setting was a pleasant surprise. I've started from scratch about lvl 6 odd now and it's great. I admit it's a simple cheat really just ramping up the enemies hp's while reducing your own, but they seem to be much better at picking up sneaks too. I'm playing it very strategically because you have to, and I love that.


Anyway, I decided to do Dawnguard early, and now I've come across a Hellhound... at lvl 6... on this new Legendary setting. Might have to come back for this one later me thinks.


But do love Legendary so far.

I will add one negative though, related to the patch if not so much the Legendary setting.


What is it with this laaaaaaaaaaaag on the menu (B Button) and your Favourites to a lesser extent? I've done a complete delete and reinstall after reading somewhere that may help - it don't much, in fact I don't think it does at all.


Any other suggestions?

The menu lag problem has been there from before the patch.


When this happens I usually fix it by clearing both caches.


Clear the game cache by holding LB + RB + X while booting the game up from the dashboard. Release the buttons when the Bethesda logo is displayed


Clear the system cache by going to the storage settings. Highlighting the hard drive, press 'Y' then select Clear system cache

Funny thing is, bang on when I hit lvl 10 - it stopped? No more lag... yet.

So what is it with lvl 10?