new defence thoughts?

thoughts on the new defence for FIFA12?


i think it sucks myself hard to contain players and seem to be miss timing my tackels. im sure over time i will get the hang of it and already kinda am. i play CB for my club team so im kinda use to playing as a defender but its tough at times on FIFA12


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I know what you mean man, many times I forget that I have to time the "B" tackle perfectly because if I don't then my opponent will just keep running by. So annoying! But I do think that it's way more realistic than how FIFA 11 played it.

leaps and bounds better than 11, not even close imo.  It may take 8-10 games to get fully used to it, especially if your only controlling 1 player, but ill put the defense as the biggest/most important improvement over 11

^ I agree. It's much more of a challenge, but I think that will make it a more valuable skill. People who play good D will have much more of an advantage in '12. It seemed like '11 kind of played defense for you at times.

I think that it is a huge leap forward in terms of defending for all football games, you now have to be more selective in your tackles, having to concentrate for 90 mins, and thinking about what to do in each situation is a lot cooler than pressing the 2 pressure buttons which required no skill what so ever, within a month it will become as natural as the defending on previous fifas