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Hello, I was wondering if you all had any ideas of coming out with a new Def Jam game for the XBOX One. I liked the previous three games that came out and I was interested in playing one on the newest system. The idea that I has was to incorporate all of them into one, as far as from Def Jam: Vendetta, we take and use the wrestling style of fighting scheme, as far as running and fighting outside of the ring as well as pinning your opponent for a 3-count. I also liked the handicap and tag-team matches that were in there. For Def Jam: Fight For NY we keep that style of picking a side for Ally or Enemy, but in this game let the choice be ours instead of going with a basic plot. I likes the different scenarios of fighting and venues in this game, as well as the great variety of characters. And last for Def Jam: Icons, can we figure out a way to incorporate that hustler theme and the reality of making money and improving your house, car, and lifestyle? I also liked how there was a great variety of NAME BRAND clothing stores and everything looked very realistic. I like how the custom players were created from scratch to one's very own liking. But the fighting scheme to this game wasn't so good. In fact, it was quite boring. So when it comes to that, we should stick to Vendetta and Fight For NY's style. If we could combine all of these games into one with the great venues, fighting styles/schemes, clothing, plots, moves, lifestyles, etc. Then this game would make a fortune. 


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I would love to see a new Def Jam game. Def Jam: Icon was quite disappointing, but I still love Vendetta & Fight for NY.  If EA would put the money & effort into a true Fight for New York sequel, there would certainly be an audience for it.

Yeah I loved these games, even didn't mind Icon until they shut the servers down =(

The online was somewhat fun, but the lag was unbearable. It was difficult to even play because of the delay between movement. 

That's the thing, I never got to play it online because when I decided to clean up the achievements it was too late =( only game with unattainable achievements on my list. Well there's others, but luckily I knew well in advance they were shutting the servers down.

Maybe it was a good thing I never got around to it, judging by your experience Elite!

"Def Jam: Battle For New York" was one of the most amaziing fighting games ever made.

Nothing could be sweeter than punching Sean Paul in the face and it's story mode was nothing less than compelling.

The only way that we can get it possibly made is by I guess expressing the idea here and getting other people to spread it? If you guys are for this idea then would everyone try to spread the word? Maybe some of your friends would like the idea too.

To be fair buddy, as much as I'd love to see a new "Def Jam: Fight For New York - The Next Gen" the only way this game is happening is you win the lottery this weekend, buy EA, buy the developers and set them to work at making a sequel.

As amazing as that would be, the chances of that are zero.

.we'd just need alot of people to second and get this to be a big discussion, which isn't so simple...but that's the only way that it could happen.

Why would anyone want another game? There's no one cool on their roster anymore unless you think it'd be epic to see Fabolous vs Jeezy.