New Crimson DLC wargames content will not load correctly

I have the war games pass and have downloaded the crimson map pack.

The content loaded no problems.

When I go to play the Infinity \ War Games \ Crimson DLC it will search for players, put me in a group, choose the teams, vote on the map and then start to load the content. It then kicks me out of the group and says everyone left the game.

It will then restart the search and continue this process over and over.

It will sometimes look as if it loading (the blue UNSC logo) and then actually kick me back to the start screen.

I have tried deleting the war games pass and the map pack and re-installed but it still continues to do this.

I can play any other game type and any other map no problems with no connection issues at all.


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Same thing has been happening to me. I don't know what the deal is.

I did contact Xbox support, they got me to delete the Wargames pass and clear the cache on the hard drive. Then re-install the pass. This did not fix the issue.

When i try to load up one of the new maps in a Custom game I get "player failed to load content,  a player may be missing downloadable content." I have deleted the map pack and re-downloaded it 5 times now.

I hope you guys get this problem is only one person has access to Crimson Pack and not everyone on the console...........We all cant play either but for a different reason......

Yeah same problem it's in my hard drive but it won't load to halo 4

This is likely caused by the fact that they took away access to the Crimson Maps for people who got them free today.


My guess is they can't do this right either.