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Frankie is back on Neogaf discussing weapon times and how they are used, giving us a glimpse of what to expect.

"You cannot start with snipers whenever you want. (unless you are playing a sniper mode) The weapon drops are not "random." They are telegraphed and in some ways, predictable. There is variation,  however. Map control will still be key, but yes, changed. Custom games  will be heavily customizable, and initial playlists will be clean and  focused. Players will not be presented with stacksof lists, but there  will be variety for different tastes."

Halo 4 tidbit - "You cannot use Forerunner Vision to see players anywhere on the map. Absolutely not. " - Frankie


Found these on twitter.!/TheHaloCouncil



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I'm kinda curious what exactly he means by the Forerunner Vision comment. I think he means that you can't just see through all the walls in the entire map at once, but some people are taking it that he means that you can't see people at all, only weapons and what not.


I can only hope he means the latter and FV will not expose anybody's location. It sounds stupid as hell and pointless, but it's better than people being able to spy through walls.


Wondering though, maybe FV is a pick-up and can only be used for a limited amount of time. 

Why even add this garbage.... ?

I know this may sound dumb, but hey all I've heard from H4 is kinda dumb, but what if...that forerunner vision is just like a night vision but with a different name? you know, replacing that flashlight thats been on all past halos

If they've specifically mentioned that it can see through walls, then it's a big problem... for one reason, if not another. Plenty of problems with that.