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They should start back up a ww2 series the old games did not have as good technology and online play is as popular as ever. a new series in ww2 could bring in plenty more new things as the only ww2 game they had with the newer create a class was WaW which was pretty limited as it was only the 2nd game after cod 4 revolutionized how the next CoDs would be. it sucks that there hasnt been a recent cod of ww2 because ww2 was such a huge turning point in technology were they first started inventing the basic idea of **** rifles and sub machine guns , aircraft and bombs and was really never seen in older cods. even though they were rare there actually were gun attachments and mods used in real life during ww2 so u could still be able to customize ur guns. plus bring in a old well known guns but also new guns that havent been seen in the series like the grease gun , sten, bren , mp 3008, emp 44 (*** dope lookin) erma emp, fnab 43, tz 45, 1941 johnson , united defense m42, browing auto5, i mean the list goes on and on of little known guns that were supplied to special forces that could be introduced, it wouldnt be the normal ww2 video game featuring slow single shot guns .  there were even semi auto shotguns and all special types of guns, the killstreaks would be creative as ***, the radar plane, dogs, mortar strikes, carpet bombers, strafing runs, balistic missles, napalm and really they can design whatever theyd like within some realistc boundries for the time period because the secrets the *** had but were never able to be used could be used as a cover up to create some new fake weapons that look like theyd fit the ww2 era  


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I lost all faith in the COD series after MW2 and I haven't purchased one since it..... Probably never will, unless they did take it back to World war times.......... between me and you, I did quiver every time I got a one shot kill with a bolt action rifle, while looking down the iron sight..... But them days are long gone for COD.

ik bro kar 98 in cod 3 and the mosin nagant in WaW were dope