New Classic fights mode

wow they changed it . Now instead of complete  what the fighters really did in the fight to win ; now is different because you need complete some challenges to get a 100 %percent to unlock the vid. Is  good  but IMO should be a new challenge mode . I liked more the classic mode in previous UFC game. What are you opinions about this change ?


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some of them are very difficult to get 100% on,as you don`t have enough time to do the challenges.

Haven't even looked at them yet, il give em a good run through tomorrow :P

Looking forward to some thing different from career.

Had a brief look at them and spent most of the time looking for Cro Cop - Silva 2 and Frye - Takayama. Two of the best fights ever in PRIDE and they're not in. Frye - Takayama I could understand if it's a rights issue regarding Takayama but Cro Cop - Silva? Don't understand that at all.

I want to know what happened to Arianny and oh god that other ring girl!!!! Was the only introduction bits I watched!!!!

you can set them as a background on the game if you want to.

Erm, how............

its in the options menu somewhere.

Damn me and my lets play the game mentality. Cheers