New Class = "Move like a butterfly, sting like a bee."

This class is all about getting close to the enemy quickly & putting the hurt on them. Speed, damage, & the element of surprise is key here.


Primary: AA-12 shotgun

Proficiency: Kick, Focus, Range, or Damage

Attachment: Grip or Extended Mags

Secondary: USP .45 pistol, MP9 machine pistol, or G18

Attachment: Tactical Knife (USP .45) or Akimbo (MP9 & G18)

Lethal: Bouncing Betty

Tactical: Stun Grenades

Perk 1: Extreme Conditioning Pro or Sleight of Hand Pro

Perk 2: Any

Perk 3: Steady Aim

Strike Package: Support

Kill Streak 1: UAV

Kill Streak 2: Ballistic Vests

Kill Streak 3: None

Death Streak: Any


Why I use the AA-12:

Despite it's range, no other shotgun puts the hurt on as quickly as the AA-12 does. Kick will help you keep your aim on target as you pull the trigger. Focus will allow you to keep your aim on target while under heavy fire. Range gives you that little extra oomph the enemy may not expect at medium range. Damage will simply save you shells since you'll be using fewer of them to tear apart the competition. Grip, like kick, helps you keep your aim on target whereas Extended Mags ensures that you're not left out in the cold while facing down your foes.


Why I use the USP .45, MP9, or G18:

The USP .45 is the fastest gun to reload in the game saving you milliseconds, which lends itself well to the speed of the class. The Tactical Knife attachment is particularly useful for getting a quick stealth kill or if you're too close even for the AA-12. The MP9 & G18, on the other hand, grants range that the AA-12 lacks while still giving you raw firepower & spread similar to the AA-12 when using Akimbo & Steady Aim. All 3 weapons also happen to look particularly fitting with the AA-12.


Why I use the Bouncing Betty:

If you find yourself outmatched & need to separate yourself from your enemy in a hurry, throw this at your feet as you run away to give them a nasty surprise in order to discourage pursuit.


Why I use Stun Grenades:

With this class being all about speed & getting in close to your enemy, these will help slow the competition down to a crawl, allowing you to close the distance or dance around them for that oh-so-wonderful kill shot.


Why I use Extreme Conditioning Pro or Sleight of Hand Pro:

Extreme Conditioning allows you to get close enough to your enemy to put your shotgun within range. The pro variant allows for you to not wast time climbing over pesky obstacles that might get you killed. Sleigh of Hand Pro on the other hand, will save you time on your reload, which will certainly be crucial while using the AA-12 when it expends its magazine so quickly. The pro variant allows for you to switch to your USP .45 or MP9 more quickly if you happen to expend all of your ammo without killing your target, which will ensure that you finish the job.


Why any of the perk 2 choices will work with this class:

 - Assassin will keep you off of the radar from pesky UAVs that patrol the skies, in addition to Heartbeat Sensors & Portable Radars. The pro variant allows you to get even closer because the enemy team won't see your red name appear over your head as well as allowing you to continue using your map during an EMP.

 - Hardline will enable you to get your UAV & Ballistic Vests quickly, making it easier for you to engage your enemy on your terms & not there's, all while still keeping you alive. The pro variant gives your more XP as you get assists that count as kills & speeds up the process even faster.

 - Quickdraw isn't particularly useful by itself, since aiming with the AA-12 can potentially do more harm then good (especially while using Steady Aim), but the pro variant allows you to use your equipment faster, which can mean the difference between life & death.

 - Overkill is the weakest of the perk 2 choices because any primary weapon you use will be slower than the USP .45, MP9, or G18 but you get more firepower & range as a trade off; best when used with the MP5 or P90 submachine guns - especially from a thematic perspective.

 - Blast Shield will prevent you from getting blown sky high from blast-happy players. The pro variant will enable you to recover from Flashbangs or Stun Grenades more quickly if the enemy attempts to slow down your awesomeness.


Why I use Steady Aim Pro:

With more of your pellet spread landing on target you're more than guaranteed to land a kill & won't have to worry about wasting time while aiming down the sights. The pro variant allows you to react more quickly to an enemy while you're sprinting, saving you precious seconds that may also save your life.


Why I use the UAV:

This tiny plane gives you battlefield awareness, putting you 1 step ahead of your foes so you can engage them on your terms. See them nearby on the map & you can prepare for their arrival around the corner by waiting for them, making yourself a harder target, or throwing a Stun grenade around the corner. It will also give you an idea of which route is the safest & fastest to take, if the opposing force happens to be too far away.


Why I use Ballistic Vests:

With the short-range nature of this class, anything that can keep you alive longer while confronting the enemy head-on is a welcome boon & your teammates will love you all the more for it.


Why I don't use a 3rd Kill Streak:

I find that other kill streaks don't really work well with the class or simply take too long to reach. I find it quicker & more useful to cycle through the UAV & Ballistic Vests over & over again - especially with Hardline Pro.


Why any Death Streak will work:

 - Juiced takes the class' concept of speed & turns things up a notch if things don't happen to be going your way.

 - Revenge, like the UAV, gives you a little bit more awareness on the battlefield.

 - Enemy got you down? Put them out of THEIR misery with your Final Stand, then live again to tell the tale.

 - This class is all about surprising your opponents, so why not drop them a gift with Martyrdom?

 - When knocked down by multiple enemies, show them your hand with Dead Man's Hand & show them what short-range firepower really means.

 - Hollow out your enemies even more quickly with Hollow Points.



1) Nothing is deadlier against multiple opponents in close quarters combat.

2) Great for surprising your foes, then wiping that surprise off of their face.



1) Completely useless at range.

2) Cuts through ammo supply quickly.

3) Short life-span to be expected.



Rush to close-quarters hotspots quickly while throwing your Stun Grenades ahead to pounce on your sloth-like enemy & put them in their place, then retreat using the Bouncing Betty to cover your tracks & reload your weapon out of harm's way. Use the UAV to meet the enemy & plan your routes while using the Ballistic Vests to extend your short life just a little bit longer. Hold down tight-knit areas for your team & prevent your enemies from gaining passage to other, more tactically-useful areas. If you run out ammo, switch to your secondary to continue fending them off or at least make it easier for your team to avenge you.


Variations on this class:

Equip Recon Pro for you 1st perk choice, Hardline Pro for your second, then use Semtex for your lethal equipment & the Recon Drone as your 3rd kill streak. With this setup, you can become a true  (& extremely deadly) support class for your team. Shotguns are notorious for getting hit-markers & not always killing the enemy; the AA-12 is no different, especially if you run out of ammo. Rack up the assists by using the explosives at your disposal along with your immense short-range firepower to harass the enemy & gain XP while doing so. After a few lives, take a breather & take flight to light up your foes for your team using the Recon Drone. Your final score may well rival that of the best player on either team.


Questions, comments, criticisms, ideas?

Tell me what you think of this class, How might you change it or make it better?


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Do you have nothing  else better to do.? LOL

I have a class that just really lays waste to people. I call it my Recon Stealth class. With this class, you won't hear me and you won't see me right-away, but I will tag you behind a wall and get a headshot or at least a kill.

ACR 6.8 w/Impact and Silencer

MP9 Silenced


Flash Bang

Recon Pro

Assassin Pro

Dead Silence pro

Assault - UAV, Pred, and Heli

Death - Martydom

I have had a lot of success with this class. Not only have my killstreaks gotten more frequent, but it also helps my team out as well.

If this class is meant for longevity, I would put Scavenger, as the AA12's fast rate of fire chews through ammo like a dog chews thru a pair of slippers.


Oh, and no Grip. I have to make up for that lack of buckshots with Extended Mags. Besides, you don't need to be accurate in a close quarters encounter with the enemy - just spray and pray.

BD BAC0NndEGGS: Yes, I do have something better to do; I have to go to work today.


Icee Stealth OL: Nice class; I might try it. However, the thread is about my class - which means you're off-topic.


Kanaye v2: It's not meant for longevity, which is why I frequently mention its short life-span throughout the post. As for Extended Mags over Grip, that's something I also mentioned in my post... It doesn't seem like people care to read my entire post & I find that disappointing. I put a lot of work into it, so the least you could do is do that (or at least pay attention to what you're reading).

You should use the specialist package for shotgun classes. That way you can have up to 6 perks. 3 permanent and 3 accumulating. I usually run blind eye pro, assassin pro and sitrep pro then add extreme conditioning, scavenger and sleight of hand. I try to mix up the perks in the SP from time to time too to see which ones are more effective on which maps. And when I run shotty I usually run either damage or range depending on the map size. For attachments only grip. With scavenger on there is no need for extended mags (except no need to reload as often but that is what Sleight of Hand is for).


I like these posts. They are a welcome change from the normal complaint threads we get here. Keep it up. :)

Geek, you make a post about your class and it's rhyme and reason. You say that I am off topic, but yet I was posting something related to your post. So what are we supposed to post about? Are we supposed to blow smoke up your butt about your class, and only talk about it? There is no need for you to attack others for posting what they post.

Temhotabot, I agree, this is a nice change from the normal whining and crying that we see on here.  

It's an overtly long post. I don't need to read a 500 word essay for something that can be explained in 2 paragraphs. I suggest you proofread your posts before hitting that post button.

Make a class for a MOAB.

ICEE: My post was a simple statement & you should treat it as such. There is no emotional intent behind the message, anger or otherwise. And yes, if you think it's a terrible class, feel free to tell me why. Also, this thread is about the class that I posted, not yours. If you have an idea to modify my class, that's fine, but what you did was post about an entirely different class that has no relevance to the topic at hand. Please stay on topic; I won't discuss this issue further.

Kanaye: I do proofread. Unfortunately, it's often AFTER I post it. I hate that it won't always let me go back & re-edit posts - it's annoying!


Now, back on topic with Temhotabot: I could use the Specialist strike package, but I generally don't do well while using it, which is why I often don't use it. If I did however, I would probably run Extreme Conditioning Pro or Sleight of Hand Pro (whichever I didn't use originally) for the 1st specialist perk; after that it's a toss up of Dead Silence Pro or Stalker Pro for the 2nd specialist perk, & finally Scavenger Pro for the 3rd specialist perk.

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