New clan/ literally new as in now new...needs anyone

I'm looking to start a "clan", more like a small entourage for now, with some people (name is being self - debated, but i'm open to suggestions). I literally do not care who joins or if you horrifically suck or are only on once every 2 weeks for something. The only 2 prerequisites are:



1) Must be above 15, i'd love not to have little kids screaming at me or anyone else and have people around my age group.

2a.) You need a mic (obviously), very hard to communicate if no one can hear you. b.) You need to have a grasp of teamwork and stratagizing, as those are paramount in winning (K/D ratios don't win matches).


Games i'm confirming for now (more will obviously be added):

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

All Gears of War games

Battlefield 3

Halo: Reach (for now)

Black Ops and MW3

Brink (if anyone plays it)


*Note that I don't own Reach or Black Ops and I don't plan on owning MW 3, i'll designate 3 other people to oversee those games*


And before they're asked: No, i'm not registering the clan with GameBattles, i'm keeping it based to the Xbox community. And no tryouts...ever. Everyone joins regardless.


Also if anyone has a capture card, that'd be greatly preferred, though i'll live if you don't (not a big deal).


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