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Legitimate Gamers Association is a Halo 4 based gaming community/clan. We exist to provide a fun and comprehensive experience online for both competitive/hardcore and casual players, with a focus on being "legit"; attempting to combat cheaters/modding and generally "cheap" strategy. If you find yourself playing with a lot of incompetent teammates, or suffered frustrating losses due to dishonest cheating, this may be the place for you. Please read the official rules before joining.


1. You must respect all members , no matter race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

2. you must be partially involved in clan activities. An inactive member is not a member.
(All members must participate in at least two events a month.)

3. No member is to be kicked unless a majority vote is taken by all squad leaders.

4. Multi clanning is only allowed if the other clan is for a different game.

5. You must be at least 15 years of age to join, and you must act mature. Some exceptions may be made.

6. You must be able to follow rank and rules, we have them for a reason. 
( If you follow the rules and chain of command, and show a knack for leadership you will find yourself in a leadership position.)

7. No squad leader has has power over other squad leaders. If an issue arises, Squad leaders will discuss it and take a majority vote.

8. No discrimitive trash talk among members or the rest of the internet community. Trolling is fine but keep it respectful, and in good taste.

9.Your spartan colors, and service tag must be that of your squad. 
Your armor configuration and emblem can be whatever you choose.

10. There will be no modding or cheating of any kind.

11. Rules will be subject to amendment upon majority vote by leaders. 

Contact FadingEntree, or AvoidSpiltJuice if your interested in joining.


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