New Clan CAP6 Starting Lookin for players.

Here is the deal we are a solid group of guys lookin to play at the top of the hardcore cap game when MW3 comes out.  We do not ...Cheat, Mod, Lag, or Boost.  We win with skill and good team work.  We have fun talk a little smack between teammates.  If you think you wanna be part of a fun clan that comes out on top leave comments on the post it's self or please get ahold of me on XBL via P.M. @ Simmering395



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If you want to join a MW3 clan, i have one.

Thanks for the offer we have a solid group of about 10 shooters right now....were just lookin for some new blood to join us.


Hardcore cap is def what I like to play, kd is 1.18 ,

if your group wants a forum, hit me up!!

Yo simmer I'm looking to join

So now with the new game only 17 days away things online have heated up!  Are you tired of geting spawn camped when in a lobby full of randoms.  Well If you join a clan and play with a full crew that just dosent happen as much...

Now that the Crew has a few weeks under our belts a the new game we want to reopen the invites for others to come and play with us.  So if you want to find a good crew of shooters that talks well and gets the job done then you should look us up.  we have mostly switched to Kill Confermed because they took away hardcore cap so we have taken over the leaderboartd on confermed instead.  many of our players are now aproaching the top 10000 out of a million players on hardcore.  Were still lookin for a few more players so if you are interested pleas msg me on XBL@ Simmering395