New Christian Clan!!!!!!!

I'm looking for christian clan brothers and founders.  The new clan is GL4C (GONNALIVE4CHRIST). This is true christian clan no hating or cursing. We really are going to go by the word! Right now I am the only member. I just came up with the idea for this clan when I rededicated my life to Christ. If interested in joining message ChristLikeHavoc. Thank you Havoc.


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Hey I play BF3 but ill join.


Good for you havoc!  I have my own clan called Task Force Dagger (TFD) based on Christain values and I am a Christain.  Anyways if you still one purse your one clan that is great, but if you want to join a clan I invite you to join.  We play BF3, R6V2, Mass Effect 3 and Ghost Recon Future Soldier.  I will send you FR,  Cheers

God Bless you Havoc and Good luck Forming your Clan sorry I would but Im the leader of the Drgn clan for Call of Duty.

Hey ChristLikeHAvok,

I'm from SoC, and have noted quite a surge in other Christian communities here since I last really hung out regularly on the forums.  Good to see all the new communities popping up.  If you are ever interested in getting together for biblestudy, discussions or regular play-nights, please feel free to drop in and let us know your interest. we have a good scattering of games but in general are pretty heavily into Halo, CoD, and BF series.  -r3nnis

hi :)