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According to details that were privvy to "media only", Arkham City`s Challenge Mode will feature 3 variations:  Combat, Stealth & Speed.  I like the new `Speed` mode where you have to reach a certain Gotham landmark in as little time as possible, that`ll be fun with the new glide abilities, where`s the demo!


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I'm going to love the Stealth challenges.  DEMO NOW pls

Several new screenshots have been released the last few days, I really like the ones of the frozen thugs and especially the one showing the Iceberg Lounge, has them for view as well as an indepth breakdown of the new Mr. Freeze trailer...:-)

Just saw a video of a young woman playing one of the speed challenges.  Man, the city below looks incredible and the glide ability has definitely been improved upon, Batman can really fly now!  She's flying over the city and reaches the destination (top of a tower) to wild applause, check it out at the usual source I always post...:-)

wow nice vid

I also saw somewhere that you'll be able to choose between Batman or Catwoman in challenge rooms.  Not sure if that applies to all or just a select few, but should be a nice change of pace.  Catwoman would be fun for that just bc of how quick she is, but I have to think that playing as Batman will give you the chance for higher scores, simply bc more gadgets = higher multipliers.

Apparently Catwoman is twice as fast as Batman is, but almost half as strong, not sure how Robin fares in all of it though...:-)

Sorry to say, but I believe that new "speed" mode you're referring to isn't a part of the final product.  It did sound like a cool concept, but here's what I read:


[quote]The pair then loaded up something that the developers called a ‘race,’ but were at pains to ensure that we knew this ‘mode’ was not included in the final version of Batman: Arkham City. Are we clear on that? No race mode in the full game...[/quote]


Hopefully they're wrong

Thanks for that link, not sure what to make of a feature that's demonstrated, but not included in the final game?  Is this common practice for promoting an upcoming release?  If it's not included in the final game, will it be available later as downloadable content?  What is clear, is that RockSteady has outdone themselves this time, and October 18th can come soon enough for me...:-)